Vision Statement

The Vineland Public Charter School is committed to achieving and maintaining the following:

  • Vineland Public Charter School academics will be anchored by the rigor of New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and educational experiences reflected in the accompanying Fameworks as well as meeting the National Standards for Arts Education and the “Essential Elements” of the Texas Theater Arts Curriculum within a well-defined, sequential curriculum that integrates a drama component.
  • Learning Experiences: Vineland Public Charter School will provide engaging student focused learning experiences immersed in active participation that will be further developed and processed through cooperative learning, collaborative learning, large and small group experiences and drama. It is a guiding principle of the school program that drama can and should be used as a way of approaching the study of every subject, and that it can do so without compromising those curricular goals to which it is uniquely suited.
  • Vineland Public Charter School will create a safe, non-bias, nurturing and caring environment that promotes character building programs and projects which develop critical thinking, team building, and problem solving skills thus enabling students to focus on education. Particpation in drama activities requires self control and discipline, students will learn to work together to find the best way for each member of a group to contribute and to listen to and accept the viewpointsd and contribution of others.  No art form is more truly collaborative.  Drama also helps students develop tolerance and empathy and is an important tool for preparing students to live in a world that is increasingly team oriented.

Vineland Public Charter School will focus on intensive early intervention for children ages 3-8 and will engage and fervently support family members in order to increase student achievement and family success in education.